Python Training, Mentoring and Development Services

Python Training and Mentoring for you or your team

As an experienced Python trainer I can:

  • Deliver your Python training materials
  • Create new training materials
  • Create and deliver bespoke Python training for your team or organisation
  • Perform code reviews and mentor your staff

See below for examples of how I have helped others become better Python developers.

Python Software Development for your organisation

I enjoy the elegance of the core Python language, am slowly learning the standard library, and work with most common Python packages such as NumPy, pandas, Matplotlib, Django, Flask and TensorFlow.

I follow the PEP8 coding standard, strongly believe in meaningful variable names, and try to keep my code as simple as possible.

I can write faster Python code using benchmarking, multi processing, multi threading and async/await. This typically makes the code more complex so should be done sparingly.

Python Training and Mentoring

I love finding new ways to help people understand how Python works. It is such an elegant language. Whether I’m working one-to-one as a mentor, training groups face to face or remotely or creating training materials, I always learn something new. Here are some of the things I’ve worked on recently.

Mentoring Python developers

From time to time I have the pleasure to mentor fellow Python developers. I enjoy sharing my experiences and helping others to keep moving and …
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Training courses for LearningTree

Learning Tree International is a long-established and well-respected international training company. I have been delivering Python courses for Learning Tree since 2019, face to face …
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Python Software Development

Data Analysis with Python

Python is a very popular tool for data extraction, clean up, analysis and visualisation. I’ve recently done some work in this area, and would love …
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