Python tutoring and mentoring

One-to-one sessions are very effective.

We can focus on what you need the most, when you need it. We can quickly cover the obvious stuff, leaving more time for your questions and for looking at your code.

I can explain the theory and show you example Python code. Along the way I’ll also help you to write code which is easier to read, expand and debug.

We can cover basic to advanced Python, basic Python Data Analysis and some specialised topics such as the pygame games library or how to make your Python code run faster.

I can also help you with a specific Python project. For instance a work project, a personal passion or hobby project or a study project. I can help you make a strong start and get you moving again when you’re stuck.

Session are remote by video call. If you happen to live in Bristol, UK, face to face sessions may be possible too.

Sessions are 30, 45 or 60 minute long, depending on what you prefer. The cost of this is UK £45 (around €53 or US $61) per 60 minutes.

We start with a free half hour chat to find out what you need and how we can best work together. Contact me now to arrange your free introductory meeting.