About Me

Coen de GrootI have been creating software for fun and profit for over 25 years, in many different languages and environments, in the vibrant world of start ups and the structured world of corporates and government organisations.

I offer an end-to-end solution, from requirements to web application, using my analytical and design skills, Python, Django and JavaScript.

I am looking for …

I am particularly interested in contract work or freelance projects, but may also be open to a permanent position, if the work is right.

  • Python
    • Full-stack web-based, with Django or Flask, plus Javascript
    • Or stand-alone Python
  • What? Any of the following:
    • Education, particularly language learning and/or gamification
    • Other projects which make a real difference to people’s lives, e.g. around sustainability, corporate social responsibility, health and wellbeing
    • Internet of Things, robotics or other projects which work with electronics and interact directly with the real world
    • Using complex processing/scripting using libraries such as numpy, pandas, matplotlib, nltk
    • Open Source projects
  • How?
    • By myself or with highly motivated and fun project/client teams
    • Full-time or part-time

For more information please see my cv or have a look at my portfolio