Teaching Python

Recently Learning Tree, a well-respected training company, invited me to teach Python for them. Last week I delivered my first course for them, their Advanced Python course

A room full of people, nearly 500 slides, about 10 step-by-step practical exercises and four days to make sure every left with a better understanding of Python

Even though I’ve been programming in Python for 6 years, I still don’t know it all. The language itself is constantly growing, there are 150,000+ open source Python packages, and only so many bytes of storage in my brain. In preparation I read through the slides, and looked up anything which i wasn’t fully clear on myself. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I do know

And, on the flip side, I added some of my own experiences whilst delivering the slides, adding some depth and flavour to the course

I made sure to regularly check the delegates’ understanding, and to fine tune my delivery. I’ve yet to receive a compilation of the feedback but, as far as I can tell, everyone made good progress and enjoyed it.