Administrate Project – Technical Project Manager

The client, a highly respected training company, was using an in-house developed system to manage the courses, bookings, delegates, and sales and marketing processes. When the business outgrew the system they asked me to evaluate an online solution (Administrate).

After presenting my in-depth analysis, the Board of Directors decided to proceed, and hired me as the Technical Project Manager.

I created Python scripts to¬†clean the old database and restructure the data for the new system. Under my guidance, the internal developer integrated the client’s website with Administrate. Administrate staff and myself provided the training.

Overall the transition went very smoothly. The only snag was with some of the more advanced marketing lists (used for email marketing campaigns). I had already expressed my concerns to Administrate that the existing system wouldn’t be able to handle these queries, but was reassured by them that it would. Fortunately, when my concerns were confirmed, Administrate agreed to make the necessary changes. They were very good about it and did this without any protest, although this may have been different without my careful preparations. Administrate spent a good few developer months creating a completely new reporting system, in consultation with me.

Meticulous preparations meant a smooth transition and saved the client months of bespoke work.