Installing PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL seems to be the most popular DBMS (database management system) with Django developers, although MySQL is also used a lot

To install PostgreSQL, I used Linux Mint’s Software Manager (search for “postgresql”)

I also installed pgAdmin III, “a database design and management application for use with PostgreSQL” using the same method

I used to work on a system which used PostgreSQL, but that is a long time ago, so I had to ask the Internet to remind me how to get it going. Here is how to get it started

  1.  Using the Software Manager, install PostgreSQL and pgadmin3
  2. Set the PostgreSQL password, for the postgres user:
    1. sudo -u postgres psql
    2. postgres=#      \password postgress
    3. (set the password)
    4. \q
  3. Start Programming -> pgAdmin III
    1. Click on “Server Groups”
    2. Click on the plug icon (top left hand corner)
    3. Name: Local DBMS (or whatever you want to call it)
    4. Host: localhost
    5. Port, Service, Maintenance DB: leave as is
    6. Username: postgres
    7. Password: the password you set in the step above
    8. Click on “Ok”

You should now be able to view your PostgreSQL server in pgAdmin, and use it to manage users, databases, etc